Cold Saw Cutting

Seven production lines are available for Cold Saw cutting, each offers tight tolerances for cutting or miter cutting of steel tube. Three lines are semi automated with size capacities of ½” to 8″ OD and lengths up to 40 ft. Four lines are manual production lines for low volume cutting and mitering. Size capacity is 1/” to 8″ OD and up to 40 ft length.

Miter Cutting

Four manual production lines offer tight tolerances miter cutting of any tube shape. These high capacity saws can achieve any mitered angle required to fit your requirements. Size capacity is 40 ft length, any mitered degree you require and a squareness factor of +/- .012 degrees.

Band Saw Cutting

Our two fully automated Band Saw cutting production lines are specifically designed to cut large diameter tube or Bundle Cut large quantities of tube and solid steel bars. One line has a size capacity of 22″, with a vice to hold square and round steel tubing. The second automated line has a capacity of 18″ also for square or round tubing.

Dual Blade Cutting

This fully automated production line offers tight tolerances with burr free cutting of high volume steel tubing. The Haven Model 873 can cut square, round and rectangular tubing, all burr free. Size capacity is 3′ diameter, square tubing 2.125″ and a wall thickness of .120″.

Wire Brush Deburring

Our Burr Master Brush deburring machine is capable of being incorporated into any of our production lines. The high speed operation provides 100% burr free cut ends of any steel tubing. Size capacity is round steel tube to 8″, square tube to 8″ and a maximum length of 40 ft.

End Finishing

At MS Metal Solutions™ we designed and built our own Finishing machine that is capable of finishing both ends of steel tube at the same time. The Single operation can chamber both the internal and external diameters of Tubing, leaving a smooth burr free surface.

Measuring & Inspecting

The use of our portable digital measuring machines in our cutting department insures that the tolerance required is always obtained.